West Creek Ranch ~ The Finest Land and Property In The Great American West!

East of Moab, north of Telluride and west of Aspen lie the majestic red canyons formed by the Dolores River as it winds its way up the Colorado border with Utah. One of the world’s most stunning landscapes, it would take none other than the founder of The Discovery Channel, John Hendricks, to create a home among the red rock canyon country of Gateway- a unique destination where humanity can pause and contemplate its relationship with nature. This is a place where the planet truly opens up to tell its epic geologic story.

One of the world’s most stunning landscapes, the Gateway Canyons Ranches & Resort offers the finest land and estate property in the great American West. The offering includes a full-service resort, in addition to West Creek Ranch – featuring an extraordinary residence and four unique parcels of land, all creating this unique destination.


West Creek Ranch is a spectacularly diverse private retreat boasting one of the finest residences in the world. The main residence features 22,000 square feet of indoor living space and approximately 3,500 square feet of covered verandas. There are eight bedrooms and eight bathrooms on four levels, an elevator servicing all four levels, a great room, formal dining, breakfast room, chefs kitchen, spacious study offering panoramic views, art studio, theater room, gym, staff quarters, pool and spa, four water fountains, six fireplaces, a two-level circular stone library, marble columns, geo-thermal heating/cooling, backup power generator, five-car garage, helipad, including all furnishings.


The 8,700 acres of West Creek Ranch include four scenic and verdant parcels – a collection of some of the most enduring and treasured natural geological wonders in the canyonlands of the American West, surrounded by natural open space dedicated to the permanent protection and stewardship of these lands for years to come.


Gateway Canyons Resort & Spa is a full-service resort with seventy-two rooms that house guests from all over the world who seek a place to relax, reflect, and quench their curiosity. The resort is surrounded by the Uncompahgre Plateau, Piñon Mesa and just south of Moab – the La Sal Mountain range, featuring exceptional lodging, dining, outfitting, outdoor adventure, and a world-class auto museum.

John Hendricks purchased West Creek Ranch in 1995. The red cliffs of the ranch date back 300 million years to the dinosaur age.  The history surrounding these canyonlands is second to none. 
One of the most intriguing features is the 400-square foot observatory with a retractable rotating copper dome that opens to observe an incredible star lit sky.
The grounds surrounding the main residence include several guest houses, Western riding horses and stables, and a buffalo herd grazing the vastly impressive gentleman’s ranch.
Beyond West Creek Ranch, the purchase price includes the Gateway Canyons Ranch & Resort – an exceptional property on its own – with a 130 person staff to accommodate every guest.  As well as Hendricks prized vintage car collection worth 55M.
The car museum has over 50 vintage automobiles. The impressive collection includes a 1954 Oldsmobile F-88. This historic car is joined by another one-of-kind car, the 1967 GT500 personally owned and designed by Caroll Shelby –
authenticated by his signature on the dashboard.
The vintage 1954 Oldsmobile F-88 was built as a show car – and has quite a history.  The F-88 was penned by none other than Harley Earl and just like the Vette, it was a two-seat roadster with a fiberglass body.
But, it was never put into production.
The consensus at the time was that the F-88 wasn’t built since it would have competed with the Corvette.  The legend goes that Chevy — GM’s biggest and most profitable division at the time convinced GM against bringing the F-88 to market due to concerns that the Olds would hurt sales of the Corvette. The General conceded.

As history would have it, only two copies of the F-88 concept were ever assembled. One was destroyed, while the other was disassembled, and the parts stored in wooden crates.

While most of the concept cars were destroyed after their debuts at GM’s Motorama .. the gold-toned Olds survived this fate to become one of the most significant vehicles of its era.  Many automobile historians consider the roadster to be one of the great expressions of automotive design to ever come from North America.

The F88 was all but forgotten until … In 2005, the only remaining example of the F-88 concept surfaced – a golden convertible that sold to John Hendricks for the unprecedented sum of 3.24 million at the Barrett-Jackson Auto Auction in Scottsdale.

This single remaining F-88 is currently a show stopper at the Gateway Colorado Automobile Museum where the car is housed on a rotating display – in a room of its own. And rightly so.

The offering also includes a private helicopter with full-time pilot and mechanic.  For those wishing to travel privately there is an on-site helipad – as well as a 2,800 foot irrigated grass landing airstrip, and hanger.
All this begs the question .. why would someone invest 279M for a ranch in the middle of the wilds of Colorado?  Because they can.