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Lust for Power

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Just because people have money – doesn’t make them smart. Here are the big tech giants that helped secure the Senate seats in Georgia .. Google – Apple – Microsoft – Facebook – Amazon.  They all made huge donations to be sure the runoff race in Georgia went to the Democrats. 

Data from the Center for Responsive Politics showed that Ossoff received nearly $952,685 from Google’s parent company.   $295,794 from Apple; $275,864 from Microsoft; $225,313 from Facebook; $255,115 from Amazon.

I can only imagine how much they contributed to Biden. They probably have him on speed dial. Why run for office when you can coach from the sidelines ..? 

I’m sure they all have an agenda – things a weak leader will succumb to. Because nothing is ever free – Jeff Bezos also owns the Washington Post. So there you go. 

They may be living in high cotton – but eventually they will be faced with something that all their wealth and power can’t buy. God always has the last say. 

75 million people voted for Trump. (probably closer to 85 million).  Those people aren’t going to just sit on the sidelines.  Law firms – like the ACLJ – are prepared to fight the policies that are not in the best interests of the American people. We will fight for our rights. In court.

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