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We knew a pandemic was on the horizon – and the panic that seems to emerge. Fear creates stress – and stress can compromise our immune system. The CoronaVirus should be taken seriously – but it’s also preventable.  There are brilliant minds in the world – the good news is there is a simple protocol to help prevent someone from ever getting the virus. 

From Dr. Gabriel Cousens – 2/24/2020 
There aren’t many scientific papers on COVID-19 as it’s emerging, and the most accurate we can be is to provide an informed clinical assessment. Forty years ago, I made the decision to tell people not to smoke because it could cause lung cancer – but it took 30 more years for the scientific community to prove this fact. 
The message should be obvious. Asking for complete scientific proof in this situation won’t provide an accurate understanding of the situation.
In my background as a former lieutenant commander in the Public Health Service, I have the option to wait until all necessary proof is in before making a statement, or I can give my informed medical health opinion based on 47 years of experience. I’ve made the choice that if I’m wrong, the worst that happens is people get healthier. If I’m right, the protocol I recommend can save lives. 

Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease at the National Institute of Health, says, “We are on the verge of a global pandemic reasonably soon.” The coronavirus infections at this point are showing up in 25-27 countries. Director of the CDC, Dr. Robert Redfield, has said, “This will be a major pandemic with repeated infections.” The AMAC (Association of Mature American Citizens) has issued a statement, “The coronavirus is worse than the international media claims.”

One of the top world experts on biological weaponry, as well as a professor of international law at the University of Illinois, is Dr. Francis Boyle. He had a law passed in the U.S. in 1989 against the use of bio-weapons, which was adopted into world law in 1989 (the Biological Weapon Anti-Terrorist Act of 1989 ). 
Much of the information stated here comes from Dr. Boyle in trying to understand the COVID-19 virus. Dr. Boyle has stated that this is a very serious situation and feels that this COVID-19 weaponized virus was the result of bio-weapon technology that escaped from the DSL-4 laboratory in Wuhan, China. He also points out that there are scientists around the world confirming that this is a weaponized virus.

Dr. Francis Boyle also points out that there are four French scientists who recently published an article in the journal, Science Direct on antiviral research dated February 10, 2020. These scientists did a genetic analysis of the COVID-19, and their analysis showed a form of bio-weaponization that “may provide a gain of function to the COVID-19 for efficient spreading in human population as compared to other coronaviruses”. 
The phrase “gain of function” means “manmade and weaponized”. This analysis included the observation of a spiked protein shell on the virus for better penetration into human cells. He explained that the phrase, “gain of function”, directly implies that DNA genetic engineering was done. In other words, their research showed the COVID-19 virus was clearly weaponized. This conclusion is also in alignment with the findings in India at Kusuma School of Biological Sciences showing that there was a genetic sequence taken from the HIV virus and implanted into the COVID-19 to improve infectivity. Their research was published in the Lancet, but, later, it was “pulled out” of the publication. Dr. Boyle also points out in a 2010 journal, Archive of Virology, from Australia that there has been active work in the use of SARS and HIV to create weaponized chimeric viruses.

The most serious research is a study reported at the DSL-3 laboratory in North Carolina in 2015 that shows that MERS (another weaponized coronavirus) was developed with the technology that makes “gain of function”. The article states, “A SARS-like cluster of circulating bat coronavirus has potential for human emergence” ( Nat Med 6/21/15 ). 
Dr. Boyle documents that a leading bio-warfare scientist from Wuhan was trained in “gain of function” technology from the DSL-3 laboratory in North Carolina. In this paper they admit being paid by China to train the Chinese scientist from the Wuhan DSL-4 laboratory. It’s specifically designed to infect human respiratory airways. 

It is thought provoking to realize that the National Institute of Health, according to this 2015 North Carolina paper, approved the training of this Chinese scientist. In other words, this technology was not stolen by the Chinese, but rather, sold to them!  Apparently, they also used an HIV cell wall attack virus DNA section that helps it penetrate cells. This 2015 training done by the North Carolina DSL-3 laboratory was also approved by the National Institute of Health, as cited in their 2015 paper. The top Chinese researcher was Genlee Hi Shi.  The MERS research showed a 36% fatality rate.

At this point, with the current virus, we have a gain in what they call “pathogenesis” from 2% to 15-18%. The point is, this top Chinese researcher was trained at the North Carolina DSL-3 laboratory to develop “gain of function” bio-weapon technology. In another recently released paper, two Chinese professors at the South China University of Technology also concluded that the virus leaked out of the Wuhan laboratory.

A few months ago, there was a paper, published in the Lancet, that stated the incubation period for the COVID-19 was 24 days rather than 14. This means holding someone in quarantine for 14 days is insufficient prevention. The problem is that it takes a long time to document all that’s happened. 
In summary, we can surmise that the bio-weapon technology that is the basis of COVID-19 was developed in the U.S. and sold to the Chinese before it’s accidental release from the Wuhan DSL-4 laboratory.

Why are humans choosing to act criminally by making offensive bioweapons against humanity and against the Biological Weapon Anti-Terrorist Act of 1989? It may actually be a reasonable idea that all these DSL labs around the world – including 12 DSL labs in the US – be shut down for the protection of humanity. 

The best defense against the CoronaVirus is to take preventable measures to protect ourselves and build a strong immune system.  Dr. Gabriel Cousens has created a prevention and treatment protocol for optimal protection. Since it is likely that everyone will be exposed at some point, this protocol is the key to dealing with the CoronaVirus. ~

A simple protocol recommended by Dr. Cousens that will provide protection from the CoronaVirus is Iodine, Atomic Silver, and Medicinal Mushrooms. There are many things you can do to protect yourself – and having a strong immune system is crucial.  Please read more about Dr. Gabriel Cousens protocol in the link below.

To your health~ 💕


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