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Welcome to Colorado! Where we enjoy one of the best climates in the world. There’s a saying in the ski resorts … “We come for the champagne powder, but stay for the summers!”  

Right now … it’s all about hockey!

USA Women’s Hockey Team wins Gold!

Never despise humble beginnings …

In high school, if someone had said that a girl would play professional hockey, or compete for gold in the Olympic games … much less a girl from my hometown! I probably would have laughed.

Having free ice time and a commitment to being on the ice 7 hours a day has made these girls stars! Someone said that Gigi and her friends use to play hockey in the arena with a puck that glowed in the dark … because they had shut off the light! That’s determination for you! Never let the dark or 30 degrees below zero keep you from playing a sport you love~

Their parents, family … and friends must be overjoyed to have watched these immensely talented athletes win gold at the Olympics! Warroad must be ecstatic … in spite of the frigid temps! I hope the team makes it back to play on our hometown ice … like the Miracle On Ice team in 1980. So proud to be an American! … and a girl from a small town in northern Minnesota. Way to go USA … we love you! -shoutout/

(google …. NBC Sports Women End Drought Beat Canada for gold).


Hockey Town, USA;

In 2017, NBC Sports aired a documentary … Road Through Warroad. Check it out …








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